Petits Fours & Mignardises

Bite-sized Finger Pastries

By special order only - 3 days in advance.

  • Profiteroles - bite-size cream puffs filled with vanilla pastry cream dipped in shiny chocolate glaze.
  • French Lemon Tartlets - filled with tangy lemon curd.
  • Almond Financier Pyramids -  Dense, buttery, rich little almond cakes filled with an Italian amarena cherry.
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake -  Little squares of rich chocolate devil’s food cake and chocolate mousse, dusted with cocoa.
  • Fresh Fruit Tartlet -  tiny and shiny,  filled with vanilla pastry cream and fresh  seasonal  fruits.
  • Coffee Dacquoise - tiny squares of toasted almond cake layered with espresso buttercream, topped with a chocolate coffee bean.    
  • Apple Galettes -  Buttery Apple filling on crisp, flaky puff pastry, topped with a fresh raspberry. (seasonal)
  • Iced Orange Teacakes - ovals of light orange zest poundcake with a lemon powdered sugar glaze.
  • Caramel  Walnut Tartlet - toasted walnuts in rich, soft, golden caramel with a tiny piece of candied violet.
  • Chocolate Mousse Rosette - in pure dark chocolate cup
  • Tiny Raspberry Cheesecake Squares - (seasonal).
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - (seasonal) $1.25/piece
  • Coconut Cream Tartlet - chantilly and toasted coconut.